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Beacon Of Hope

On Tuesday 27th June all schools in Salford Diocese were invited to our local Church to a day called ‘Beacon of Hope’ which celebrated everything we do as a school to be a beacon of hope to those around us in our local community. How perfect with our school mission being to let God’s light shine! We also heard about new suggestions for ways we can further develop links with our Parish and local community. Bishop John presented our school with a San Damiano Cross to bring back to school, along with cards with the following prayer on:

God our loving Father, we thank you for blessing our parish communities with all that we need to respond to our vocation to be missionary disciples. We ask you to pour out afresh the gifts of your Spirit upon each one of us, that we may be inspired to serve you in new and creative ways, bringing your light to the world. We ask your blessing upon us as we journey together in hope through Christ Our Lord. Amen