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Our Chaplaincy Team is made up of staff, pupils and Lay Chaplain Rachael.

We have a wonderful team of Chapel Prefects who plan and lead student prayer every week, based on the prayer theme for the week.   RE, Drama, Technology, Geography, ICT, Art and PE are just some of the departments which contribute to our worship and the ways we live out our faith at St. Mary’s.


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Caritas Festival

The Year 8 Chaplaincy GIFT team visited Fallowfield to attend the Caritas Festival, hosted by the Diocese of Salford. The group meet weekly in school to help with chaplaincy, planning prayers, charity fundraisers and liturgical events. The GIFT team were invited to the Caritas Festival to celebrate their wonderful contribution to the faith of our school.

The day began with a prayer in the local church, before moving to the social centre for an afternoon of games, talks and a quiz. The students learnt about the role of Caritas in Diocese, along with new ways that they can help charities in our local area. Two of our students, Harmony & Maddison, were among the winners of the ‘Market Place Treasure Trail Quiz’ and were awarded a prize by Bishop John Arnold.

All Saints Day

On 1st November, we celebrated ‘All Saints Day’. On this day the Church is called to think especially about our heavenly friends, the Saints. Throughout the week, we held activities in the chapel, where students could learn more about their House Saints, find a new Saint that can help them with their struggles, and find out how it is that we are called to be Saints. The day ended with the celebration of Mass by Fr. Mark, where we prayed particularly for those who are no longer with us.

Aid to the Church in Need – Red Wednesday

On 27th November, our school came together to raise awareness for ‘Red Wednesday’ – a day when the Church prays for Christians who are persecuted for their faith. In the Chapel over lunchtime, students wrote postcards to be sent around the world to those who are not free to practice their faith. After school, members of our Year 7 and Year 8 Chaplaincy GIFT Team attended Mass at St. Mary’s Church Brownedge. Here, the GIFT Team said the readings and led a reflection for the congregation, where we reflected on the importance of being united in faith.



CAFOD Fast Day

On Friday 4th October we took part in the CAFOD Fast Day. Students from the CAFOD group decided that each house would raise money to send a gift to a family overseas living in poverty. These gifts ranged from a queen bee to sending a child to school! There were many fun activities throughout the day to raise money for CAFOD. Students showed great generosity by eating simply and donating their lunch money to help buy a gift for someone in need.


Lent Reflection Days

Throughout Lent, Catholics make an extra special effort to grow closer to God through praying, fasting and giving to others. Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 have all had the opportunity to have a day off timetable to step away from the busyness of school life and find time to reflect on the bigger picture. 

We now have a Chaplaincy GIFT team in school! ‘GIFT’ stands for Growing in Faith Together. They are a lively and enthusiastic group of year 7 students who have a passion for serving others and sharing God’s love.

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