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Children in Need Super Choir

In October, Mr Perkins took a group of students to the world-famous Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. They were part of a ‘super choir’ of over 300 students who recorded a song to help raise money for Children In Need 2018.  

The studios, where such groups as The Beatles and Coldplay have recorded albums, told Mr Perkins how impressed they were with the student’s professionalism and behaviour; a real testament to the school!  Well done, and thank you to the students and Mr Perkins. The track is available on iTunes – ‘We Are All Stars’. We hope you have a listen!

Students involved: Aimee Rudek, Ruby-Julie Sorrock, Katie Henry, Cassie Blount-McKenna, Alisha Todd, Gabby Michalakakos, Mia Nicholas, Pati Steinauer, Isabelle Evans, Amelia O’Hagan, Giulia Cerquelini, Jack Deacon, Veronika Baljeva, Carly Johnson, Amelia Farrar, James Morris, Natasha Bland, Poppy Parkinson, Nicole Jones, Zoe Brown, Courtney Bishop, Ben Hawkyard, Abigail Warren, Olivia Cowell, Martika Turner, Jess McGrail, Sam Wilson, Josie Ralphson.