The Mission Statement of Brownedge St Mary’s expresses our intention to ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential using their unique talents gifted to them by God.

We are committed to providing opportunities that allow all pupils to develop as independent, confident and successful learners with high aspirations who enjoy learning and make good progress.  Through our Mission, we will develop pupils’ personal and moral values based on our Catholic ethos, teaching them respect for other cultures, religions and ways of life and ensuring that all know how to make a constructive contribution to the local, national and worldwide community.

Our curriculum will deliver a broad, balanced, coherent and consistent programme of learning with clear and smooth progression routes designed to meet the needs, aspirations and interests of all learners.

Through creative, flexible and tailored approaches to teaching it will promote:

  • high expectations and challenge for every child
  • knowledge and understanding of core and foundation subjects
  • mastery of intellectual, physical and social skills
  • awareness of moral responsibility and the spiritual life
  • understanding of the world of work and enterprise
  • understanding of how British values are integrated into our Christian ethos

Religious Education in the Catholic tradition has a key place in each pupil’s education in the school. Whilst it reflects the Christian traditions in Britain it does take into account the teaching and practices of other principle religions represented in modern day Britain. Citizenship is an essential part of Learning for Life lessons; pupils’ study includes democracy, the rule of law and other key parts of successful living in Britain today. Pupils also make choices ready for Key Stage 4 following independent advice and guidance in Careers and Learning for Life lessons.

We have developed a specialist ‘Springboard’ curriculum for those pupils entering the school at a low attainment threshold. This curriculum includes phonics and numeracy teaching and promotes the smooth transition of these pupils into their secondary education journey.  Our most able pupils undertake work that deepens and challenges their knowledge, understanding and skills. There is a diverse enrichment programme such as MENSA, college and university seminars and visits, STEM activities, author visits, public speaking and maths competitions.  We also offer a mentor programme for our most able children. Pupils are assigned a mentor from a diverse set of business and industry sectors. Within this mentor programme there are various opportunities for work experience and educational visits that support working partnerships and broaden pupils’ horizons to the world of work and lifelong learning.

Further detail of the Curriculum 2019-2020 offer.

For further information please contact Mrs Oddie, Head Teacher.

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