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Year 10 Mathematicians at Lancaster UniversityAt Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School we see challenge as an necessary part of learning.  Pupils’ aspirations grow as their confidence increases, their academic endeavours become an exciting journey of discovery as new challenges open up greater horizons and reshape their expectations.

On arrival pupils are assessed using well-researched software to find out their potential so that we can place them in the most appropriate and challenging teaching groups.  Stretch targets are formed and regularly checked to ensure the correct degree of motivation.  As a school we want above expected progress to be the norm.

In the classroom, our teachers seek to inspire a new level of thinking as pupils fully engage in their learning. Outside the classroom, each pupil is also challenged to ‘let their light shine’.  We want the whole person to develop as each talent is shaped and refined in our healthy, stimulating learning environment.

A rich and varied set of learning experiences is readily available to enable pupils to gain a sense of wonder – CERN visit to the Large Hadron Collider.
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Nationally and internationally recognised authors have graced the halls and corridors of our school – inspiring and challenging students to seek broader horizons – Gillian Cross workshop





Whole Cast Millie

Performing arts musical productions – Millie …






… and public competition allow pupils to discover and hone talent.






Helicopter Pilots

Former students share their experience and insight into the challenges of their professions.

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