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DSC_3566Food Technology
The current course offered in Year 10 is the AQA Food Technology course. The course offered however in 2013-15 is subject to change.

The current course encourages pupils to demonstrate fully their design and technology capability towards food preparation.  This requires them to combine skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make quality products in quantity.

Pupils will be expected to investigate a range of tasks including:-

Designing Skills

  • Enquiry and research
  • Evaluating
  • Analysing – Information processing
  • Reasoning
  • Creativity – Generating ideas
  • Planning
  • Trialling and testing
  • Modelling – What if?

 Making Skills

  • Measuring and weighing
  • Mixing and combining
  • Shaping and forming
  • Preparation and cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Testing and trialling
  • Product development


Written Papers: There are 2 single tier written papers which form 40% of the overall assessment.

Paper 1: Sustainable Design
Paper 2: Technical Aspects of Designing and Making.

Controlled Assessment:  There are 2 controlled assessments which form 60% of the qualification.

Controlled assessment 1 – Introduction to Designing and Making
Controlled Assessment 2 –Making Quality Products

Product Design
The aim of this GCSE course is to provide the opportunity for pupils to develop their design and technology capability and to fully reward imagination, innovation and flair.  Pupils will be at the heart of the process, initiating design solutions, developing working models and prototypes, testing and trialling.  It encourages individuals to work together for some aspects of their work. It recognises the need to reward careful and considered use of ICT and that pupils consider their ideas and responsibilities to life in the technological work in which we live.

Key Features

  • It exposes pupil to creative, design-based activities;
  • Encourages pupils to explore and develop, experience and express their design ideas;
  • Provides a learning experience which is participatory and experimental in nature;
  • Values flair and imagination;
  • Uses a number of innovative assessment methods;
  • Encourages the use of new technology and new materials;

Unit Details
Portfolio Coursework:
Developing and applying design skills               30%  (20 Hours)
Making testing and marketing products           30%  (20 Hours)

Designing and making innovation challenge        20% (6 Hours)
Designing Influences                                               20% (1.5 Hours)

An exciting feature of this course is the Designing and Making Innovating Challenge.  The focus of the challenge is for students to design and model a workable device or product that has some surprising or innovative features.


Please find our KS3 outline in the document below

Design Technoogy KS3

Food Technology KS3

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