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KS4- English Language and English Literature (two GCSEs)

English papers are no longer tiered therefore all pupils will be entered for the higher tier paper, at the end of Year 11, which ranges from grades 1-9.

English Language and English Literature (double award) Pupils completing this course cover the skills of Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. Pupils complete two papers in English Language and two papers in English Literature.

English Language GCSE focuses upon fiction and non-fiction texts (including 19th century) and creative writing in the form of descriptive and to argue/inform/persuade/explain.

In addition pupils are required to complete speaking and listening as a part of their English Language GCSE.

English Literature GCSE focuses upon Romeo and Juliet, Great Expectations/ A Christmas Carol, An Inspector Calls and poetry (Power and Conflict from the AQA anthology) which includes an unseen poetry section.

This is a closed book examination meaning pupils will need to know all of the texts, in detail, and be capable of including quotations/ references from memory.


Please find our KS3 outline in the documents below:

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview Yr 7
Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview Yr 8
Y9 Curriculum

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