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Key Stage 4  From Sept 2015

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Dragon Maths Challenge 2015

Y11 students sitting  GCSE 2016
Pupils follow the Edexcel linear course [1MA] taking two exams one with and one without the use of a calculator. Each exam will draw questions from the full range of the GCSE content of Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics. Each exam is one and three quarter hours in duration.

A new theme in the Mathematics exams is that pupils will be marked down for poor communication skills, so spelling and grammar will now need to be correct.

The exam dates will be set by the exam board, pupils will be told well in advance when these unit exams are going to take place.

GCSE Mathematics has no coursework.

There are two tiers of entry; the tier of entry will determine the grade available, and will be chosen with regard to the internal half year exam results as mentioned above.

Foundation (F)              – Grades   G, F, E, D, C

Higher (H)                     – Grades   D, C, B, A, A*

Y9 and Y10 students sitting  GCSE 2017 /18
Students are currently embarked on a 3 year program of study covering the full range of the new ‘GCSE 2015’ content. It should be noted, particularly for students with older siblings, that the level of challenge and amount of content has been increased significantly. Approximately 30% of the content is new, most of this has been added at the top of the ability range, Higher Tier students will now be required to study some topics that were previously on the (now defunct) AS level, this means that many topics such as Trigonometry, which were previously only on the Higher Tier, have now been pushed down to appear on the Foundation Tier. The current plan from OFQUAL is that students will sit three 1 hour 30 minute examinations (1 Non-Calculator, 2 Calculator), this is under review and the exam load may yet increase. It is also worth noting that the formulae (such as the quadratic formula, cosine rule etc) previously provided on the front of the ‘Old GCSE’ have now been removed and students will need to remember them.

The Mathematics department is continually monitoring the developments from all three exam boards and our program of study is flexible enough to incorporate any further changes.

There is no coursework on the Maths GCSE

There will be two Tiers of entry

Foundation Grades 1,2,3,4,5

Higher  Grades 5,6,7,8,9,

*There are as yet no direct comparisons with the Old GCSE Grades although it seems likely that the old Grade C is somewhere between Grade 4 and Grade 5 (Grade 5 is expected to be the new ‘benchmark’).


Please find our KS3 outline in the document below

Mathematics KS3

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