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Twenty First Century Science is a suite of GCSE Science courses for Key Stage 4 (14 to 16 year olds).  The courses are matched to the needs of young people and their aspirations.  There are five courses in the Science suite of qualifications.

We currently offer the following courses:

  •   GCSE Core Science.
  •   GCSE Additional Science.
  •   GCSE Biology.
  •   GCSE Chemistry.
  •   GCSE Physics.

GCSE Core Science
This course features many of the major theories of Science in a way that encourages students to appreciate the importance in everyday life.  It also explores how scientific information is obtained, how reliable it is, what its limitations are, and how this information helps society to make important decisions.  Students are prepared to deal with issues involving Science which they may meet, for example, mobile phone safety, decisions about childhood vaccinations, and substantial use of resources.

GCSE Additional Science
This is also appropriate for students who may wish to progress to A –level Science.  This course explores scientific concepts in more depth than the Core Specification and covers key scientific concepts of Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Separate Sciences (Triple Science) – GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
These courses cover the same specifications of the Core and Additional Science GCSEs however they then continue with an extended curriculum.  This will provide students with a more in- depth knowledge and understanding of the three Sciences in preparation for A – level study. The third Science must be selected as an option choice.

When are the examinations?
From September 2012 all Science examinations have been linear. Pupils will not sit modular examinations over the 2 years. Examinations will be sat at the end of year 11.  Consequently, there will be no opportunities for re-sits in school.

Is there any assessment during the course?
A percentage of the total marks for each course will be from controlled assessments and portfolio work.  The percentage of marks for this work is:

GCSE Core Science & GCSE Additional Science = 25%

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics = 25% for each GCSE

How many GCSE grades will the students get?
Students who take GCSE Core Science and either Additional Science or Additional Applied Science will be awarded two GCSE grades. Triple Science will of course be awarded three GCSE grades. Due to  the courses being independent, the grades may be different.

KS3 Curriculum

Science KS3

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