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Tuesday, 03 June 2014

Last night following our long haul flight from Amsterdam we made a short journey to the guest house, and our tired and hot group headed to bed.

All the Ghana travelling crew woke up bright and early preparing for our arrival in Amisano village today. Once we are settled in our accommodation we’ll be meeting and be greeted by the chief, our buddies and many of the locals. We all can’t wait!

What a journey! Our bumpy bus ride from Accra to Elmina town was nothing but exciting, we definitely had a culture shock! From the breath-taking views of the ocean to the busy streets of the capital everything was undeniably beautiful but different to anything we had ever seen before. All the locals were extremely welcoming, some waved and blew kisses.

We stopped off at a small, welcoming cafe in the midst of our journey, where we had our first breakfast in Ghana. A multicoloured lizard even popped in to say hello! We even had a chance to buy a drink of coke, not so different to home!

We have all arrived safely and can’t wait to get stuck in with all the painting, teaching and learning!

 Jack, Gina, Amy and all the project Ghana crew, to be continued…



We are very shocked how welcoming and pleasantly helpful the of Amisano village are. After we had a short greeting from the chief, we then were welcomed by the students from Amisano School and members from the village with a dance and music presentation.

Shortly after being entertained we finally were able to meet our buddies for the first time which was amazing. We then went to tour the school and its grounds with our new friends.

Later that day we walked back to our accommodation. We then ate a delicious meal of chicken curry. All ready for bed we went back to our rooms to experience our first of what looks like many power cuts. We also took our first shower….. with a bucket.

Written by Daniella, Chelsea, Lucie and Caitlyn




After an early rise we ate breakfast and headed off to the church, which was full of life and happiness. The we headed to our first project of painting the Kindergarten. Surprisingly today has not been as hot, which all students appreciated. While writing this post we are currently sat in the pitch black due to another power cut.

Everybody including us has enjoyed working with our buddies painting, and all of our buddies are overjoyed with the gifts that we gave them! We are looking forward to spending the remainder of our trip with them.

Written by Daniella, Chelsea, Lucie and Caitlyn


Hellloooo from GHANA! We were all up and BARELY awake at 6:00 this morning, WHAT??? Beatrice, our cook, is a wizard in the kitchen.  For breakfast we had PANCAKES AND PORRIDGE, the pancakes were amazing (not as good as your’s mum if you’re reading this).

So we went to the school and did more painting, I CAME BACK GREEN, the smell is vile!!! BUT good news, we finished the kindergarten block, YAY!!! GO TEAM!!!

We went back to seminary and we had dinner which was yam and palava!! Not for everyone but what ever takes your fancy? After that we got changed ready to go back to the school, so picture this, a group of us sat under a balcony in rain coats ready to go, excited, singing One direction and then…we weren’t going anymore? WHAT???? so instead we all went and played in the RAIN!!! It was magical, we were playing 7up and “down in the jungle” then we practiced our dance!!!

Eventually we dried off and got changed and we went for tea, IT WAS FABULOUS!!! Fried chicken and rice mmmmmm…

We will be back before you know it…

 Anna Womack.

Saturday, 07 June 2014

After a nice long night with electricity, WOOHOO, we got up filled up our buckets for a ‘lovely’ shower we had some cheese and marmalade on toast which went down a treat. We walked to the school and met up with our buddies (mines called Kofi meaning Friday born). After a quick meet up we made our way to the coach some of us were on a nice comfy mini bus whereas the others were put on the bumpy big bus.


After a 20 minute drive we made it to the Cocoa farm in Simiw which is just two villages away. So we went to the Cocoa farm. Whilst in the Cocoa farm we saw the normal and hybrid cocoa plants (the hybrids being bigger than the regulars). During the tour some of us had the delight of being eaten alive!!! After a quick presentation on the different foods including cocoa, bananas, plantain and palova, some of these we had been eating with our tea.

After another bumpy ride on the coach We then set our sights for Elmina Castle. We had to drive through the fishing port which proved very difficult for the bus as there were people EVERYWHERE! Before we started the tour we all made sure that we knew not to give our names or addresses to anyone, SAFETY FIRST, we started off by looking in the Portuguese church which had pictures and facts about the cultures of Ghana before the Europeans arrived. We then were shown were the women slaves stayed during the slave trade, it was DISGUSTING! We then made our way to the ‘ROOM OF NO RETURN’ which is pretty self explanatory. After the tour we went to the gift shop were everything was super cheap bracelets and necklaces cost from 1-5 cedi and backpacks costing 30 cedi which is equivalent to £6!

After a quick pit stop for some well deserved drinks we finally got back to the seminary for some lunch and then made our way back to the village for the cultural exchange.

When we got to the school we sat down and watched some of the pupils perform a play based on how they get married it got a bit confusing but we managed to understand it. Then it was our turn me and some of the others Brownedge pupils got up and perform a dance that we had been working on to 1Direction Best Song Ever (not my song choice) but they seemed to enjoy it so we taught our buddies the chorus and then taught them splat. After the cultural exchange had finished we all played a HUGE game of 7 up. When we made it back to the seminary we had some nut ground soup and rice balls. We all then got ready for bed and got some well needed sleep to get ready for what awaited us the following day.


Bye for now!

-Raife Cooper


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