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It was a rainy one this year but what the Hay Festival lacked in sunshine it made up for with great speakers and ice cream!

Eric Ngalle Charles, a poet and playwright who claimed asylum in Wales, told us about his journey from Cameroon when he was 17, surviving being a victim of human trafficking and living on the streets in Russia before eventually arriving in Wales. Jack wanted to know how Eric felt about living away from Cameroon and had the chance to ask when he was given the mic – great question, Jack!

Patrice Lawrence shared her experiences and showed us that no matter what your background is, if you really want to do something then follow your dreams and make it happen. We definitely have some writers of the future at Brownedge – you know who you are…

Bali Rai was last writer we saw; his ideas about prejudice and how we treat each other definitely gave us a lot to talk about on the way out. Our students love a good discussion!

And the ice cream? Delicious. We hope we get the chance to go back for more flavours next year.

Mrs Evans