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COVID-19 School Updates


25th March 2020

Dear Parent/Carer


During the school closure period, work has been set to allow your child to continue their learning. This work has been set on INSIGHT to allow your child to access the resources and activities they need whilst working remotely.

Activities/tasks on INSIGHT are being updated daily by your child’s teachers to ensure there is always something for them to do. If they need help with their work, they should email their subject teacher during the hours of their normal lessons. If staff are well, they will endeavour to reply. There are also many staff thinking of new and innovative ways of engaging your child. These include Instagram/Twitter teaching videos, class reading and PE 1-minute challenges to name but a few. Some have very entertaining staff activities added to encourage pupils to watch to the end! Follow us on twitter @BrownedgeStMary to see all our pupils working at home. Send your pictures to dudanciecl@st-maryshigh.lancs.sch.uk so she can share videos to keep our spirits high.

To further support you as parents at this difficult time, I have attached a help sheet on how you can support your child’s home learning. Please take some time to read it as it is full of useful information and further links to support your child’s wellbeing and mental health.

If your child is struggling to access INSIGHT please contact ICT support on ictrequest@st-maryshigh.lancs.sch.uk or telephone the school so that any problems logging can be resolved quickly.

Sending my best wishes

N Oddie

Mrs Nicola Oddie


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