General Rules

1. Treat others with respect and dignity remembering that those who have less than you are valued just as much as those who have more.

2. Make sure that your words and actions are always positive and that your own behaviour never prevents others from learning.

3. Wear your uniform fully and with pride. You belong to a good school and you show your belonging by how you dress and how you behave.

4. Arrive at school, on time, ready to learn with all the books and equipment you need for your learning.

5. Travel to and from school safely and responsibly using the Pedestrian and Zebra Crossings on Station Road.


Specific Rules

1. Full uniform must be worn at all times, including to and from school.

2. Uniform should be worn in accordance with the expected standards of the school.

3. Trainers, leather jackets, denim jackets, “hoodies” and coats with prominent logos are not allowed. Coats, which should be plain and dark, should not be worn inside the building. Shoes must comply with the published list of acceptable footwear.

4. Extreme hairstyles, dyeing hair an extreme colour, extensions, braiding, tramlines and shapes cut into the hair or hair shaven down to the scalp are not permitted. For reasons of health and safety, long hair should be tied back in practical lessons.

5. Extreme makeup and nail-art, including nail varnish, are not permitted.

6. No jewellery may be worn in school. The only exception is for Year 11 who can wear a single plain stud in the lobe of the ear.

7. Mobile phones, if brought into school, MUST be handed into the Form Tutor at Registration to be locked in the mobile phone safe. Pupils caught with phones (whether they are on or off) will receive sanctions. See the Behaviour and Discipline Policy.

8. Valuable objects are not allowed in school. School is not liable for the loss of valuable objects brought into school.

9. All food and drink must be consumed in the dining room, hall or canopy. No food or drink can be taken on to the Astroturf and tennis courts. (In the summer term, when the weather is fine, hand-held food can be eaten outside as long as pupils keep the site tidy.)

10. Always put all litter in the bins provided

11. Walk, sensibly and quietly. Follow the school’s one way system when appropriate.

12. Chewing gum is not allowed in school. (It ends up on carpets and clothes.)

13. No pupil is allowed out of school at break or lunchtime unless they have special permission agreed by the Head Teacher.

14. Smoking is strictly forbidden on school premises and whilst travelling to and from school. This includes electronic cigarettes. See Behaviour and Discipline Policy.

15. The possession, supply or taking of other illegal substances and items are strictly forbidden. See the Behaviour and Discipline Policy.

16. The malicious use of the Internet (e.g. Facebook, Snapchat, Instragram, texting, etc) against members of the school community will not be tolerated. This includes use out of school time.

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