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Sports College

Our Mission Statement is for each individual to achieve their maximum potential through meaningful, varied and challenging situations, as well as promoting the enjoyment of physical activity and fitness and developing confidence and knowledge of the subject.

This will be achieved by raising standards in teaching and learning.

Brownedge St. Mary’s will continue to maintain and improve these aspects so that all students succeed across the full ability range.

What are the objectives of the Sports College Scheme?

  • To develop an individual school’s strengths and character.
  • To raise the standard of sport in schools through the development of sporting provision.
  • To strengthen links between schools, business, industry, sporting bodies and the local community.
  • To benefit children of all sporting abilities.
  • To ensure that the wider community derives the greatest benefit from the College’s sports facilities.

Achievement through Sport

We believe that achievement and personal development can be enhanced through participation in physical education and sport.

Our partnership will:-

  • Raise standards of achievement in all areas, in particular physical education and sport;
  • Provide access to individuals and groups under represented in the full range of physical education and sporting achievements including people with disabilities;
  • Work in partnership with local schools, the LEA, Sports Governing Bodies, South Ribble Development Team to encourage life-long enjoyment of sporting activity;
  • Work with higher education institutions, local clubs and sports governing bodies to provide pathways for careers in sport;
  • Enhance the range of sports available to the community including working with primary schools and their staff to develop a full range of physical educational skills;
  • Raise awareness of all students and staff as to the benefits to be gained from physical education and sport.

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