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Joseph Delaney Visits Brownedge

Joseph Delaney visited Year 7 and Year 6 from St Mary and St Benedict’s and St Aidan’s on 29 November to launch his latest novel for young people.

In an interview with Joseph, he was asked about his books: The role of prophecy is highly important to your novels. How much do you yourself believe in these and to what extent – if any – have these influenced your writing? “I’ve always been fascinated by prophecy and predestination. I like to encounter it in other fictions and have made it an important part of the Wardstone Chronicles Series. I do think that some things that happen in our lives are meant to be. It may only be a trick of the mind; sometimes, retrospectively we think that things could only have happened in that way. But I can think of occasions in my own life that I feel very strongly that something was meant to happen; where I made a sudden decision and it did change my life. But I was free to choose – or was I?”

Thank you to St Mary and St Benedict’s and St Aidan’s for helping to make Joseph’s visit a huge success. Many books were bought, and we look forward to a “Spooky” Christmas holiday’s reading!