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OLSG Computing

On the 21st February our Year 10 Digital Leaders spent the morning training Our Lady and St Gerard’s Year 5/6 Computing Digital Leaders. The aim of which, was for our pupils to pass on their knowledge, skills and confidence so that the Y5/6s could assist their teachers across their school de

liver challenging and engaging Computing lessons.

Amber Swarbrick, Beth Baldwin, Brandyn Calvert, Connor McKenzie, Spencer Beattie, Tyrone Longton and Will Atkinson proved to be excellent teachers and helped the Year 5/6 digital leaders think more computationally to solve problems and tackle programming challenges. Since then our digital leaders have spent time each week with different classes of OLSG; demonstrating how the same computing concepts can be taught across all ages from 5 through to 11 years old. Throughout their time working with OLSG pupils our Year 10’s have shown outstanding commitment and been a credit to our school.