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Queen Visits Brownedge

No, not that Queen, but Teri Terry, the QUEEN OF TEEN, visited Years 8 and 9 on March 1st. We already had a link with Teri, because Mrs Evans and the RAW (Brownedge Readers and Writers club) met her at the Hay Festival in Wales a couple of years ago. So, Mrs Goldson began a campaign to get Teri into school, which succeeded, and meant that she could speak to Years 8 and 9 about the joy of writing and the trilogies of ‘Slated’ and ‘Contagion’. Both are dystopian novels – and who doesn’t like a good dystopian novel?

The brilliant thing about author visits is that they always grab a few non-readers and turn them into readers. Teri has made at least three new readers in Year 9 – students who used to say they didn’t like reading – so, if you know of anyone else who loves her books, let us know!

Teri Terry was born in France, then lived in Toronto, Canada, and then in Australia for years until moving to England, where she now lives with her husband and her dog, Scooby. Her books have been published in many different languages. You can find out more about her on her website, teriterry.jomdo.com.