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Saint Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero is one of our school’s patron saints, and demonstrated all of our Gospel values throughout his life. He lived in El Salvador and showed kindness by devoting his life to helping the many poor people in the country giving hope to all of these people with all that he did.

Oscar Romero showed lots of patience to keep going, despite the rich and powerful people who opposed him.
Romero knew his life was in danger, as 14 others helping him had been assassinated. However, he showed great courage by continuing to help the people of El Salvador. Sadly he was assassinated on the 24th March, 1980. But for the people he was helping life then became much better, and therefore justice had been served.

Pope Francis decreed in February 2015 that Romero had died for the Catholic faith, and has declared that Romero was responsible for the miraculous healing of Cecilia Maribel Flores who healed from life threatening complications during pregnancy. As a result of this, Oscar Romero was canonised on the 14th of October 2018 and made a Saint of the Catholic Church.

To celebrate this, pupils of Brownedge wrote messages of kindness on Saint Romero post cards, and handed them to people during the week of the canonisation, showing that the Gospel values Oscar Romero showed could be put into practice by all of us.