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Year 11 Maths Inspiration

Five students from Year 11 went to a maths inspiration lecture in Manchester with Mrs Phillips. They had the opportunity to listen to three maths speakers present mathematics in the context of exciting real-world applications.

The first speaker looked at the statistics of risk and talked about the probability of getting cancer from eating a ‘bacon buttie’ every day.

When the numbers were put into visual perspective, we decided we would take the risk! The second speaker looked at maths around the home, and we particularly enjoyed the maths behind stacking pizza boxes! Lastly, we were blown away by the enjoyment of maths from Ben Sparks.

He showed us how we can enjoy maths just for enjoyment’s sake, with some awe-inspiring circles and patterns. At the end, we had the opportunity to have a ‘selfie’ with the compare Matt Parker, and he kindly signed our calculators.

He impressed our computer scientists amongst the group by demonstrating his ability to write all their names in binary; all agreed that it would require a lot of patience to learn all the letters of the alphabet in binary code by heart.