Our curriculum is defined as all the planned learning activities which the school offers in order for us to achieve our educational purpose. In addition to the taught curriculum (curriculum subjects, Learning for Life, CEIAG and Catch up provision) we include in our definition the experienced curriculum which captures all of the education experiences beyond the classroom.

Equally important to our taught curriculum is the portfolio of experiences that enable personal and social development, develop citizenship and community work and present challenge. This experienced curriculum offers opportunities for all pupils to:

  • participate in a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities
  • learn from residential retreats and out of school educational experiences
  • develop leadership roles
  • engage in works of charity and community cohesion
  • learn about their responsibility towards each other within our Brownedge family
  • collaborate across age groups through Interhouse activities and events
  • partake in a two week experience in the world of work

All these experiences have the aim of helping our pupils to develop their identity so they are ready and equipped to fully engage with life beyond school.

Browse through published copies of our termly Shining Lights Newsletter to get a full picture of all that is offer in our school.