The internet has become an integral part of our and our children’s lives. A world has opened up which offers many positive opportunities.

Children start using computers from a very early age and are increasingly using the internet more and more, whether it is at home, in school, on their mobile phones or on a games console. With this in mind, Internet Safety and knowing how to help protect children and young people online is essential.

Just as we want to keep our child safe in the real world, we want to do the same in the virtual world. It is important that we all understand enough about the internet to keep our children safe from harm, but it is equally important that we equip our children with the skills they need to keep themselves safe so they can experience the internet positively and responsibly.

In partnership together we can educate our children to be responsible users of the internet.

Here are several links that offer support, guidance and help, as well as several guides to the different apps, websites and potential dangers families should be aware of.

Useful Links

Parents Guide to Internet Safety – 
Cyber Aware from the National Crime Agency –!/street 
NSPCC Keeping Children Safe Online – 

Online Safety

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View our Online Safety Policy below:

Online Safety Policy 2024

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