Reading vision 2023-25


Reading is at the centre of all subjects at Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School. We encourage our pupils to ‘let their light shine’ on their reading voyage in school. We endeavour to support pupils in developing their reading fluencycomprehension, and breadth of vocabulary, through our text choices, pedagogy and weekly enrichment. We also utilise pupil Reading Leaders as advocates and models for reading, plus intervention programmes which provide the additional safety net for any pupil who may have fallen significantly behind on their reading journey.


Pupils and staff understand that reading is pivotal for both academic purposes and enjoyment. We want pupils to choose reading as a pastime, and therefore carefully and consciously decide on the range of texts that they experience across school.  

Our collective aim at Brownedge is that our pupils see and believe that reading has a purpose; it is an important life skill that will be used long after their education at Brownedge St Mary’s has finished. Pupils will understand that an ability to read fluently and accurately will serve them well and improve their life chances. As part of this, we aim to model to our pupils that reading is not always from a prose novel, but can be a poem, verse novel, an article, an essay, a letter, a poster, a textbook or a short story.  Reading is amazing, and that is the story we wish to tell in the education and pastoral care we provide at our school.


‘Reading is opening the door to a whole new world’.


Suggested Reading Lists

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Reading Parent Guide

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