What's Watty been up to this week?

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Hello everyone and welcome to Watson's Weekly Wellbeing... what have I been up to now?

Well, the sun has finally arrived. Although it's been a bit cold in the mornings but that soon passes. I've tried to take time for me this week and getting out to exercise which has been a bit of chore but I've stuck with it - no pain no gain as Mr Wilson would say! Really good to get the steps in and the heart rate up but I tell you what, walking 5k in heels isn't good when it comes to blisters!!!

Here's this week's Weather and News for you...

In other news, with Boris saying education is important and it's time to get back to learning, I have taken that message on board. I am studying at home along with other members of the intervention and behaviour team and have also been learning how to take part in a Teams lesson. Not only that, I've learnt that I'm also quite fluent in different languages...what do you think?? Move over Mrs Canfield haha  - i'd comme ton travail...


Time is now ticking, to the time where we will all be back together again - I CAN NOT wait - staff and students alike. This time will pass, and things are getting better. When you do return, as you may be aware, you will have a Covid test in school.  Don't worry, a member of staff does not do the test on you, YOU DO THIS TEST ON YOURSELF! We have decided to show the process of this - I say we... Poor Mrs Sinclair was given the honour with my powers of persuasion. Do you think I would honestly let you see me doing that - haha. Thanks Mrs Sinclair ????

Finally, this week's edition of Watson's Weekly Wellbeing will be the last. This is so we can spend time preparing for your return and putting things in place to help you feel safe, secure and cared for. However, we will do special editions...so keep an eye out for those. I will keep the Instagram page going - bsm_intervention. 

Thank you all so much for tuning in and for taking time to look at the videos. I hope I have made you smile, have a giggle and take some comfort in the knowledge that we, as a school,  will do all we can to keep you going. 

Stay safe and stay well, the darkness will pass. This is our year - took a long time to come.

Hi Guys... It's half term!!!!! We made it!! What a busy term it's been, but we did it, together!!

It's been a busy old week this week and I've been so active which has been  a great tonic for my mental health and my wellbeing. I'm heading into half term a little more energised than usual but am looking forward to the rest.

So, what has Watts been up to this week I hear you ask...well...

Mr Crusham has obviously heard that I'm up for any challenge and I'm obviously famous now, so he asked me to take part in a music video...things are on the up. I think my name should be in the credits, or even a star on the path into reception at school. I think I nailed it, although he thinks that things can only get better...rude!!

I've also been busy this week with Mrs Sinclair helping to look after our health and wellbeing. Mrs Sinclair got a bit swept away...

Also this week, I got to meet a famous chef and to also work alongside him. Mr Gino D'Brownedge got me involved in making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday...I think I'm a natural, not too sure about him!

We took the Resource Bus out again this week. Whilst out and about, I was lucky enough to do some interviews regards mental health and wellbeing with two special guests...

Finally, to round off a very busy term, the News is next and the weather out on location.

We won't be here next week as we are also taking a break to look after ourselves, to rest and to recharge ready for another busy term ahead. Stay safe, stay safe and stay classy Browndge.


Hi Everyone

Watty here to bring you some cheer!! This week I've been focusing on Mental Health Week, and as well as trying to give you top tips showing you what you can do, I have also worked closely with Mrs Sinclair to bring you a special clip in the news.

Good news - we had ice cream this week - what a lovely treat!! Mind you, because I tried to eat the whole tub in one go, I got a terrible case of brain freeze!!! It was worth it though - yum

This week, I decided to be a little creative, and thanks to Mrs Stockton ad Mr Parr (reluctantly), I felt so relaxed afterwards. I found an inner talent I never knew I had - move away Picasso ????



I decided to have another shot at the weather - I think I'm getting better?? However, not being able to get out into the sunshine when its here, is having a huge impact on some of us!!



This week in the news, we have put together something quite special for Children's Mental Health Week - check it out !





Come back next week for more of Watson's Weekly Wellbeing!
Stay safe, stay well and "Speak the change you want to see".


Get up, connect to Teams, go on social media or maybe log onto the Xbox, go to bed…REPEAT!

What a day…you have connected to all five live lessons, answered questions in the Teams chat, uploaded all your assignments, even done a little extra to close some gaps.  2:50pm arrives, your teachers say goodbye…all turns quiet!! Now what???

Well, you lovely people, you have come to the right place.  Every week I’ll be here to talk about how to look after ourselves; our minds, bodies and souls. Hopefully, by coming to take a look, you will have a place to come and share your problems, ask for advice, pick up some useful tips and even have a giggle (at my expense). Each week a member of staff from our wonderful family will join me, Mrs Watson, to help you keep active, learn new skills and even have a little fun, all in the comfort of your own homes.

Our minds our wonderful things, helping us take in the beautiful world around us. At times though, our minds can be lonely places; places where we feel isolated, fed up and lost.  However, using our inner strength and actively participating in strategies, we can take care of our minds to ensure we focus on all the good that is around us.  Just like we have to look after our bodies to stay healthy (as Mr Wilson would say) we also need to look after our minds.
This week, Mr PE Wilson, jumped at the chance to help me get active and moving – well, he tried to!!!.  By exercising, you not only improve your fitness, but it also helps to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and helps us to get a better night's sleep.  It promotes neural growth, reduces inflammation, and creates new activity patterns that promote feelings of calm and well-being – and in my case – total exhaustion. So, this is me…in my heels of course (me?? Wear flats?? Have a word with yourself!!), helping myself to feel better, more active and more productive.  Why don’t you have a go…maybe not in heels though!!!



I know the last thing you want to do is jump up and down, but give it a go…set a goal and see what you can do at the end of lockdown compared to now…
When I was younger, I always wanted to be a meteor, nope, oh what is it called..you know, a weather person on the TV.  Don’t laugh…it is not that funny! I think I would be great on TV doing the weather forecast.  So, I have decided I am going to make my childhood dream come true.  This is MY opportunity! MY moment!!  So over Lockdown I am going to bring you the weather forecast each week.  I may be a little rusty at first, but my Growth Mindset tells me I will get better if I carry on and show resilience.  So, this is week 1…Mrs Watsons’ weather forecast…


Okay, so I am going to need to work on it but I am not giving up and I am determined that over the next few weeks I will get better!
Maybe I would be better as a News reporter????


Each week I want to report POSITIVE NEWS only so we can share with each other all the good in our lives.  Please feel free to send me stories that I can read out and share with others.  Lets share the positivity in our Brownedge Family!
Thank you for joining me and please, come back next week to see what things I have been doing to look after my mind.  Make sure you have a go too! To end, I am going to share with you my top tips for this week:

Another week complete...nailing Teams, accessing work, handing in assignments, doing so well…then the fall of the Friday, weekend has begun, there is the bell!!! Now what!? What to wear for the living room or to stand in the garden? Change your bed or change your clothes!? Who knows, who cares?

Well, here we are again. Let me try to help and support you in the ways I know how. Hopefully it will bring you some tips to have a go, to raise a smile, or just to confirm that you think the staff in school and I are completely insane. Not that I think I'm insane, I mean, look at those around me first!!

Week 2 saw the snow come down, but that didn't stop us. We could either be a 'Grinch' and moan about it, as I usually do, or we could get out and have some much-needed fun and frolics. I decided to take part for a change, and of course, in my high heels!! I had a great time all being said, and it was so great for my mindset; lifting not only my spirits and wellbeing, but also all the staff and pupils, even Mrs Oddie came out to play!!

This week, I thought I'd add to the scenery of school and help Mr Wilson do some planting. I mean why not? I'm obviously good at participating in the life of school. If I can help Mr PE Wilson keep fit and active, well, surely, I can help our other Mr Wilson with his gardening...here goes...I best not get muck in my nails!! Where are the marigolds?

None of my nails were harmed in the planting process. Have a go yourselves, you'll be surprised what you can do.

As I'm always saying, check in with those around you. This will help your wellbeing, and it may also help others who may be feeling alone, feeling down or unsure how to fill their time. I decided to go and check on Mrs Drama herself, the wonderfully fun and zany Mrs Bland..... I think she was in good spirits, but see what you think…



As you know, I'm a great meteoristttt thingy person, so I thought I'd have another go this week, and bring you the weather. Here's an update.

I think I'm getting better at this! Time will tell.
And to round up for the week, here's the BSM nesw...

And finally guys ...

Have a great week, look after yourselves, look after your loved ones and stay safe.