Image of Lancashire Cross-Country Championships
9 February 2022

Lancashire Cross-Country Championships

Three Brownedge runners were in action over the weekend.

Image of Preston College Interviews
8 February 2022

Preston College Interviews

Next steps for Year 11...

Image of Holocaust Memorial Day 2022
28 January 2022

Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

An important day of remembrance.

Image of Shining Bright - Qualified Referees
28 January 2022

Shining Bright - Qualified Referees

Well done Caden and Fletcher!

Image of Meat-Free Mondays
24 January 2022

Meat-Free Mondays

A healthy new initiative at Brownedge.

Image of Brownedge Bites
21 January 2022

Brownedge Bites

A new option for break and lunch!

Image of Mary's Meals
21 January 2022

Mary's Meals

Supporting a great cause.

Image of Bosco Hampers
20 January 2022

Bosco Hampers

Giving back this Christmas.

Image of Matilda Cast Announcement
20 January 2022

Matilda Cast Announcement

A new production is coming soon!

Image of Santa Sports
19 January 2022

Santa Sports

Image of Drexel Dignity
19 January 2022

Drexel Dignity