At Brownedge St Mary’s we strive to establish and maintain an ethos where our students feel secure and are encouraged to talk and are listened to. We recognise that for children, clear lines of communication with a trusted adult helps prevention. All class teachers ensure that students know they can be approached at any time if children in their care are worried or in difficulty.

In line with our Safeguarding policy, our students know who they can speak to and how they report any safeguarding concerns they have for themselves or their peers. In line with our Anti-Bullying policy, our students are taught that all bullying behaviour is unacceptable, regardless of who bullies, how it is delivered or what reasons are given to justify bullying actions. Also, In line with our E-Safety policy, students are taught how to keep themselves safe when using technology.

Opportunities for children to talk about their feelings and emotions are provided regularly during form time and also through our Learning for Life curriculum where issues such as bullying and keeping safe are planned for and discussed in class in order to equip children with the skills they need to stay safe from abuse. Assemblies and focus weeks are regularly used to reinforce these issues.  Please click on the below links for more detail:

Online Safety Safeguarding Prevent Encompass



January 2020 OFSTED report  "The school takes pupils’ well-being and safety very seriously. Staff training is regular and up to date. Staff are vigilant. They know what to look out for if pupils are at risk, and how to deal with concerns. Leaders consult parents and refer cases to social care when necessary. They take the time to follow up on referrals and keep detailed records. Pupils have a clear understanding of risks or threats when online. Pupils know who to talk to or contact if they are worried or unhappy."